Antoinette L. Dunstan

Antoinette L Dunstan, MBA' 24, is a coach, mentor leader and speaker. She is the president and founder of The Culture Company, LLC and the 501 c3 The First Ladies Youth Leadership Foundation, Inc. (First Ladies) multidimensional organizations headquartered in Georgia that have trained over 1,000 rising leaders. 

She has spoken to school building leaders, educators, administrators, women and students of all ages at workshops and national conferences. As a global visionary, the central theme of her work is to aid people in the process of self-discovery and maximize individual potential, purpose and leadership. Her appeal and message transcend age, race, culture, creed and economic background.

She is the recipient of the Rockdale County Public Schools Laura H. Barnes Honorary Social Worker Award and the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Achievement Award. A Bronx, New York native, she cherishes her amazing Caribbean parents, siblings and godchildren. Currently, she resides in Georgia and enjoys weightlifting, singing classical music, Italian culture, Latin dancing, discovering new tea rooms, antique shopping, boxing, riding motorcycles and traveling the world.  Her most important goal is to pursue purpose.

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